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3 Big Mistakes to Avoid as an Event Organizer

Each event you organize requires careful planning and attention to detail to be a success. As event organizers, there are many things that can go wrong beforehand or during the event. Some mistakes cause a domino effect of issues during the planning. These are 3 big mistakes to avoid when planning a successful event.

1. Rent proper equipment and technical support

Every event needs to be planned out with attention to detail. One massive mistake a lot of event organizers make is with the rental of sound equipment for your live event without the skills. The mistake is not in the rental of the equipment but in the supprental of audio equipmentort and technical aspect of working with the equipment. You need to have a delegated person who knows how to use the equipment in case any issues come up or to work the sound booth during the programming.

2. Don’t forget to do a proper call out for your event

When you plan your function, whether it’s a social event or a fundraiser, the program needs to be set with a variety of artists and performers. Conducting public and proper callouts for entertainers and artists is a very important step. Reaching out to other networks not only expands your professional connections but also builds community relationships. If you neglect a call out for the performers, you run several risks stemming from the same type of content in the program to a limited scope in audience and attendees. Branching out for diversity is key.

3. Train the staff and the volunteers

Another aspect of any successful event organizing is to delegate tasks and responsibilities to staff or volunteers. A big mistake in this delegation is when the event organizers fail to train or properly support the volunteers and staff in their roles. Schedule time before the event or provide separate training to your delegates is crucial because if you miss this step, the logistics of the event can unravel more quickly than you can count.

Organize your events without a hitch

There you have it. While there are many considerations as an event organizer, following the three tips above will help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls encountered. Happy organizing!

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