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Actor and Entrepreneur Mark Hauser on Life and Business

Born in Michigan to Canadian-American parents, Mark Hauser began his life in the Great Lakes region before making the transition to Montreal. An esteemed actor and entrepreneur since he began his career in 1996, Hauser has turned in several major performances thanks to his work alongside Montreal’s K.L. Benzakein Talent.

An Actra Award Nominee with roles alongside names such as Michael Madsen and Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mark Hauser has certainly laid his claim on the industry as one of Montreal’s finest V/O talents.

Most recently appearing in the Netflix Original animated film SAHARA, Hauser was interviewed by the team at Ideamensch to share his insights and pieces of advice to others looking to follow in his footsteps.

Creative by nature and driven by choice, Hauser had a lot to offer for individuals looking to chase a career as a self-starting entrepreneur.

Mark Hauser on Dedication and Creativity

Finding himself atop Montreal’s fierce voice acting industry has been a long-enduring battle. An Actra Award Nominee with a diverse portfolio and a string of hit voice-over titles to his name, Hauser’s efforts have been emboldened by his consistent dedication to the craft.

Hauser spends a non-insignificant amount of time focused solely on working with scripts, developing his characters, and honing in on what makes each performance special. As stated in an interview with Ideamensch, Hauser is “intrigued by how actors can take the audience on a journey into a different world.”

To make his work sparkle every time it appears on screen, Hauser has dedicated much of his life to his work. Even in between projects, Mark Hauser makes sure to stay focused on progression. Hauser says, “If I am between projects, I’m performing extensive research into my upcoming roles. I want to really learn each character’s background, their motivations, and their strengths and weaknesses.”

From there, Mark Hauser tries to visualize his characters – immersing himself within their skin. Hauser says, “I want my personality to blend into the background so the audience can see that character come to life.”

Much Needed Advice From a Younger Self

There are no straight and narrow paths to the top, particularly when you are operating as an entrepreneur or creative talent. For Mark Hauser, understanding that life can be difficult was the most important lesson he could learn. Hauser says, “If you can get past your frustration, you might see a different opportunity that’s better than the first one.”

To stay above water and focused on his next move, Hauser has come to an understanding with himself regarding how unusual life can be. Hauser says, “You have it all mapped out in your mind. However, things don’t always go according to the script and the original plan might somehow get derailed.”

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