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Celebrities Assist In Preventing Bullying by Discussing Their Tales

Bullying is really a hot subject nowadays, and tales of celebrities who’ve been bullied are hotter. Olympic champion Michael Phelps spoken about his encounters being bullied and the story generated worldwide interest.

Victoria Beckham (also known as Posh Spice, one-fifth of hit pop group The Spice Women) has spoken freely about being bullied in class. Lately she stated, “People would push me around, say they would beat me up after school, chase me. It had been miserable, my whole schooling, miserable. I attempted to become buddies with individuals, however i did not easily fit in. And So I stored myself to myself.” There’s value to those conversations since it implies that a beautiful, famous and gifted celebrity was tormented in class. If she will be bullied, anybody can.

As well as Presidential candidate Obama spoken about bullying in the presidential nominee acceptance speech, elevating bullying education to some national platform.

How come people captivated by finding that celebrities were victims of faculty bullying? Could it be comforting for bullying victims to understand that another person (along with a celebrity, believe it or not!) shared their fate, i.e., misery loves company? Or possibly it’s nice to understand that somebody effective have been beaten lower but rose past the experience. Quite simply, maybe bullying victims can actually possess the last laugh.

Actress Rosario Dawson stated that certain of her worst recollections was getting all outfitted up for any school activity and getting the women “pick on me since i was flat chested.” Her admission about her encounters with school teasing brings more awareness towards the problems with how you can stop bullying and social aggression.

Discussions about formerly unmentioned topics can lead to major cultural changes. For example, days after Gloria Ford grew to become First Lady, she went through a mastectomy for cancer of the breast – and discussed it openly. Later, she spoken about her alcoholism and drug addictions. Within the 1970s and 80s, discussing these problems using the public was considered very dangerous. Her openness about formerly taboo topics made headlines, and also the public made the decision that they was incredibly brave and heroic. Because the First Lady, she shown that they was as vulnerable as average folks. Due to her openness, it grew to become appropriate for “average people” to go over these problems and obtain help.

Years later, Oprah spoken freely about being sexually mistreated growing up. She even discussed being impregnated by an abuser when she was 14 (the kid died soon after birth). People respected her for getting these once-shameful admissions outside to assist others steer clear of the same fate. Child abuse, sexual and otherwise, has become discussed freely and honestly, and victims of abuse now know where you can ask for the support they require.

A couple of years back, baseball great Joe Torre spoken to reporters about his knowledge about domestic violence. His father, a top New york city police detective, would be a physically abusive husband as well as an emotionally abusive father. Fans and non-fans were captivated by this facet of this athlete’s existence. Joe wasn’t the very first athlete to see such abuse however it was Joe who used his status and sources to produce the Safe in your own home Foundation, whose mission would be to finish periodic domestic violence. The general public was thinking about this sports legend’s knowledge about bullying (domestic violence is a kind of bullying), and Joe was instrumental in publicizing the problem and dealing to finish it.

Then when we learn about Chester Bennington, from the rock group Linkin Park, say he was, “knocked around just like a rag toy in school to be skinny and searching different,” we all know that his message will resonate with lots of kids, who might be bullying or just being bullied themselves. It’s another indication that bullying hurts and it is not awesome.

Supermodel Tyra Banks has openly addressed the problem of bullying and reminds youthful people who gossiping, deceiving, taunting and manipulating are extremely unfashionable. She informs people who “If you are pretty but you are ugly inside, you are ugly outdoors too.”

Schools and fogeys have to impart many bully prevention ways of stop kids from mistreating others, including searching to today’s celebrities to assist deliver key messages about bullying. Popular culture heroes have incredible influence over youthful people, then when these celebrities discuss the results of bullying, this is an chance for adults to reiterate the significance of respect and tolerance for those.

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