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Check These Tips Before Heading To A Gentlemen’s Club In Philadelphia!

If you are a fan of adult entertainment, you should definitely consider exploring the strip clubs here in Philadelphia! Philly is known for its numerous clubs, and each one stands out for its own reasons. In this post, we are sharing some of the basic tips that may come in handy while visiting a Philly gentlemen’s club.

  • Know the vibe. Not all gentlemen’s clubs and adult entertainment venues are the same, so do your homework. The good news is most clubs in Philly do have a website, so you can find all the details, including work hours.
  • Step in early. You don’t want to pay for getting in, come early. Most clubs don’t charge for cover if you are there by 7 pm, but do call and ask about this. The fun at a gentlemen’s club only gets better after 10 pm, but that’s exactly when you pay more too. To get that quality time with the fantastic entertainers, dancers and strippers, go ahead in advance.
  • Find more on the booze. Some gentlemen’s clubs may have a bar, but others don’t. Check in advance, because what’s strip club anyway without the booze? BYOB may mean that you can bring your alcohol, but not coolers and mixers. There are specific rules at times, so check that.

  • Follow the rules. At a strip club, you should have enough cash with you – Period. While tipping isn’t mandatory, it is highly expected, and beyond the strippers, you may have to tip servers and waiters too. Secondly, do not try to take pictures of the entertainers. All gentlemen’s clubs take privacy seriously, and you could be thrown out.
  • Have fun. After all, that’s what your visit is all about! No matter the gentlemen’s club you choose, consider getting a lap dance. Some clubs do have full-nude and full-friction lap dances, and the prices are decided by the house. You are also expected to pay the strippers, as a tip. We promise that the price you pay for a lap dance or getting close to strippers is worth it.

Don’t feel bound by rules when you head to a gentlemen’s club. Just make sure that you find the best one in Philly, and ask all the relevant details before you step in, including things like food and catering, timings, and costs. Just one trip is never usually enough, and these beautiful ladies will keep you excited and thrilled.

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