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From Slam Dunks to Dodgeball: Epic Games and Challenges at BOUNCE Trampoline Park

A trampoline park is a place where kids and adults alike have an incredible experience. If you are making a list of things to do in Mumbai, a visit to the BOUNCE trampoline park must be a top priority. From bouncing off walls to flying through the air, BOUNCE is a true hub of unadulterated entertainment. Scroll through this article to learn about some fun games and challenges to try out at the BOUNCE trampoline park for all age groups.

1.     Trampoline Wall Running

The Wall area at BOUNCE comes with high performance trampolines and vertical walls of different heights to help you practice different freestyle tricks. The entire area is a skate park with different trampolines. Once you experience the thrill of wall running at BOUNCE, you will become completely addicted.

With time, your wall climbing skills will get better and you will be able to go higher up the wall. Once you master your climbing skills, you will be able to focus on timing and refining your freestyle tricks while wall running at BOUNCE.

2.     Dodgeball

You can play this game with soft foam balls to ensure everyone’s safety. In this game, one team is made to jump on the trampoline. The players of the other team stand around with a certain number of dodgeballs.

As one team will be bouncing, the other team will be aiming. Players will get a point for every jumper hit. Once the aiming team has thrown all their balls, they switch places with the bouncing team.

A dodgeball trampoline park is perfect for adults and older kids because it demands a high level of coordination.

3.     Cliff Jump

A cliff jump at BOUNCE involves launching yourself from the balcony to a huge airbag below. If you want to experience an awesome adrenaline rush, nothing can be better than this game to get your heart racing. You don’t even need any special skills to ace this challenge at a trampoline park. Moreover, the safe environment ensures that you don’t injure yourself in any way.

4.     Slam Dunk

A slam dunk trampoline park area is the best place to practice your freestyle skills. This BOUNCE area will come with basketball rings above runway trampolines. You can begin with the simple approach of jumping thrice and dunking the ball. Once you master this, you can show off your extra moves to look cool.

For instance, you can pass the ball through your legs or around the back before slamming it. The more creative you get with your moves, the more points you earn.

Parting Words

BOUNCE, India’s largest trampoline park, promises an eventful day with interesting and fun-filled activities. Whether it’s an epic party or a day of stress-busting, you can do it all at our trampoline park. Visit the one-stop destination of fun, fitness, and entertainment to unleash your free spirits!

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