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The Rigorous Training Schedule Of BTS

 Even when the members of BTS are on the road, they try to stay healthy and fit. Most of BTS fans are interested in knowing what the workout routine of the BTS members is? What exercises do they do?

BTS is a world-famous Korean band. They are the only band to have ranked on the billboards of the UK as well as the US. They are the first Korean boy band to have performed in the Grammys and American music awards. BTS album for sale is available on almost every online media outlet. The members of BTS are international pop stars and are currently one of the most popular boy bands in the globe. Despite their hectic schedules, the members ensure that they get enough time to work out and promote healthy eating habits.

A few common rules of big hit entertainment, which is the company behind BTS

Most K-pop companies have a few rules which they expect all their trainees to follow. Big hit entertainment, too, has its own rules. Members of BTS have been quite vocal regarding the rules that they were expected to follow when they were trainees.

Keeping their bodies fit

All the trainees are expected to manage their bodies. Trainees must constantly exercise and are not allowed to eat food which can make them fat or chubby.

No eating in the building

When the idols were trainees, they were not allowed to eat in the building where the company is located. They were also not allowed to bring any food on the premises.

No dating

The trainees are not allowed to date when they are in the training period. This is done so that the sole focus of the trainees lies on their careers and music. With the schedule the members of BTS currently have, having a family life or girlfriend is practically impossible.

Sleeping in the studio is not allowed

No trainee is allowed to sleep in the studio when the rehearsals, practice, or training sessions occur. Even otherwise, the trainees are not allowed to take a nap when they are in the studio.

No spoilers

Artists are not allowed to reveal any detail about their upcoming songs or BTS albums without prior permission from the company. However, sometimes artists did land up revealing a few details when on air or on live TV. After all, they are only humans.

A lot of fans of BTS have even followed their workouts by doing the 30-day workout challenges. One of the band members, Jungkook, has shared his exercise routine with the world in a video. His exercise routine includes 20 pushups, 20 squads, ten planks, 20 jumping squats, 15 burpees, 20 mountain climbers, 20 Superman exercises, 20 crunches, and twenty leg raises.

Even when the members are on the road or not at home, some members are always working out. James Corden has commented that the boys of BTS work out as much as they rehearse for their live performances.

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