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Things To Ask The Agency When Hiring Strippers 

When you want to hire strippers, whether it be for a party, event or bucks’ night, you will want to work with a reputable agency, just so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. 

If you cut corners here you may end up with hidden costs, unorganised strippers or just lacklustre entertainment, which is not something you want to leave your guests with. 

So, when you do stripper hire in Perth, consider asking these questions: 

What does the dancer do?

Each agency works differently when it comes to charging for the strippers. Some offer packages, like female strippers in Melbourne, whose Bucks Night Package is by far the most popular. Others offer by the hour, or by the song’s played. You will also likely have to pay extra for nudity or pole dancing and lap dancing. 

Are there any rules to follow?

The stripper’s rules are often found on the agency website, but when you get in contact with the agency, it never hurts to ask in person. These rules are often set in place by the strippers themselves, and the general idea is to ask the stripper before you do anything, and then listen to if it’s a clear yes or no. 

What is the total amount for the services I want?

Each agency has its own price range for different packages. Usually, you can hire girls for a bucks party, games night or a mix of different games. You can also hire private dances and other bespoke offerings. These prices can be fixed or by the hour and additional services may be required like transport or security. By getting a quote upfront, you can avoid hidden costs and budget correctly. 

Will I see the same girls in person as online? 

Photos of their strippers can be found on many agency websites.  You might be able to book a certain number of strippers you see at one time, but can you be sure this is who will actually come to the party? Steer clear of agencies that don’t have pictures of strippers or seem to copy and paste pictures from Google. A good agency will have images of all strippers in the same place, so you know they’re real. 

Where can I call the strippers?

Some companies will require strippers to have a security guard or won’t send a single stripper home alone. Many agencies have a list of venues that they have prior approval for their strippers to dance, and this is because not all venues approve of strippers. So check with your venue and an agency like before you book, to avoid any nasty surprises. 

Do your strippers have gender preferences?

The agency should be aware if your party is for a stripper to entertain the same sex. This is because some strippers may not be comfortable performing for the same sex, so if you let the agency know beforehand they can accommodate your request and send you a stripper that is compatible with your needs. 

Do you have time restrictions for outcalls? 

When you’re hiring a stripper outside of a strip club, you will want to know if there’s a curfew or cut-off point for the entertainment. The best way to do this is to ask the agency and call ahead. Book as far in advance as possible and it’s more likely that the agency can be flexible with its entertainers

Now that you’re aware of what to ask the agency, call Charlies Angels for the best strippers in Perth!

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