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Top 5 Best Electric Violin of 2021

Whether in online stores or physical shops, there are many quality electric violins to choose from. Each comes from different manufacturers and presented in varying models. Depending on what you need and your level, you can freely browse and pick what you think suits you the best. Although there are tons of electric violins out there, there are just some that keep on snatching the spotlight. Take a look at some of the best electric violin models that won the hearts of many people and reached the peak on the market.

1.  Cremona SV-180E

Cremona is famous for producing quality student violins, and their SV-180E is just one of their premium collections that made it to the top. This instrument produces a rich tone and sound due to the hardwood body it has. One thing that made it stand out is its unique rosewood neck, which is far from ebony or standard spruce. This instrument comes at a very affordable price, the reason why many people have put it on their list.

2.  Yamaha SV-200 Electric Violin

The Yamaha SV-200 is one of the best bets this 2021 because of its dual piezo pickups and EQ dial. This instrument also has no feedback that comes with easy amplification. Talking about its body, it is made of Yamaha’s new body design with a natural feel. What’s more exciting is you can choose from ocean blue, brown, black, or cardinal red to better suit your taste.

3.  Yamaha 5 string Electric Violin YEV-105

The Yamaha YEV-105 presents a combination of transcendent playability and natural beauty. It comes with five layers of wood starting from maple, spruce, and mahogany, producing a more natural sound. Given that it is oil-finished in a walnut frame, it gave a striking appearance while enhancing the instrument’s resonance. If you still crave a traditional violin look, but with 3D eye-catching visuals, YEV-105 could give you that.

4.  Stagg EVN

If you plan to move on an electric violin, especially if you want to play silently, Stagg EVN is perfect for you. With its solid body finish using high-quality materials, you could never go wrong with this one. It has four fine tuners and has a 2-band EQ and volume. It also comes with an internal headphone preamp and accessories like rosin, 9v battery, bow, stereo headphones, and soft case protection. All you need is to set it up and ready to play anytime and anywhere.

5.  Barcus Berry Vibrato-AE

As Barcus Berry presented its Vibrato-AE, it gained attention in the market. First, it is because of its affordability and construction. It is hand-crafted and made up of maple on both sides and spruce on top to ensure durability. Just like all the products of Barcus Berry, it is set up in their New York’s special violin shop.


Very high competition is such a beneficial thing for consumers like you, especially on string instruments. Each brand strives to give the best and most affordable products on the line, and as a result, you get to choose the right one for you while considering the playability, quality, price, and brand.


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