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In a modern digital world saturated with content, podcasts continue to attract loyal listeners for various reasons. These days, people listen to podcasts when communicating, driving, running, working out, and generally doing other activities. Podcasts provide an opportunity to learn something new, catch up on current events and laugh while multitasking with other activities.

According to Brett Brewer, co-founder of crosscut, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, ”podcasts are amazing for an intellectually curious person.” Media platforms continue to lose audiences in the current digital space, especially with the developing trend of content creators on youtube. But at a time when people are unplugging, podcasts provide people with a way to consume content intimately, conveniently, and efficiently. Here is why podcasts are dominating the modern media space.

Podcasts build community

Many popular podcasts from notable personalities such as Daniel Moodie Mills have built a loyal audience around their listeners. That is a community that eagerly awaits the release of new episodes every other time. Through hosting live shows, discussions, meet-ups, etc., these personalities connect with their listeners to build a more enlightened community around the podcast.

Listeners mostly listen on their phones, making it easy for them to share with their friends and engage with other listeners via social media platforms. Since podcasts are very specific about their topics, listeners love to network around people intrigued by the same topics building a strong community.


Today, podcasts are readily accessible, and one needs no preparation to listen to one. With only a smartphone, anyone can listen to a podcast via a website or a streaming app. Apple’s podcast streaming app comes already downloaded on the phone, so no download is necessary. Spotify also has a dedicated podcast part on its platform, which makes podcasts very accessible. For most of these platforms, listening to podcasts is free.

Allow one to multitask

Podcasts are dominating the media platform is because they allow listeners to multitask. It simply is an entertainment companion as one goes about their daily activities such as chores, driving, working out, etc. One good thing about podcasts is that they come in all lengths, so you can listen to a recap of a topic during your short commute or listen to an episode that entertains you during your commute. Especially with all the traffic snarl-ups that keep people in their cars for prolonged periods, podcasts are a great companion.


Whether you want to listen to political views, entertainment topics, business, etc., there is always a podcast for you. Podcasts allow you to listen to incredibly compelling conversations about topics of your interest. Podcasts give personalities a way to appeal to different audiences.

Podcasts are intimate

Apart from news and current news and events, podcasts allow audiences to relate with high-profile guests and celebrities on a more intimate level. Many podcasts get popular because the hosts interview public figures and get them to open up, which brings about authenticity.

the bottom line

Podcasters are gaining popularity because they understand their audiences, pay attention to feedback and adapt their content to what listeners want. They are episodic, making them easily adaptable to listeners’ needs. As such, it is easy to see why podcasts are dominating the media landscape.

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