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Women Special: Top Women Centric TV Shows To Watch Right Now

Television has been a powerful medium for storytelling, and in recent years, there has been a commendable surge in women-centric shows that focus on strong, independent female protagonists. These TV shows not only showcase the versatility and talent of actresses but also delve into stories that resonate with the struggles, and complexities of womanhood. In this article, we explore a curated list of top women-centric Indian TV shows that are making waves with their impactful stories and compelling characters. Here are some of the best TV shows that celebrate the strength, resilience, and grace of women in diverse settings.

  1. Ik Kudi Punjab Di

Ik Kudi Punjab Di stands out as a culturally rich and visually vibrant show that captures the essence of Punjabi culture. The narrative revolves around the life of a spirited young woman who navigates the challenges and triumphs of her journey. The show not only portrays the cultural nuances of Punjab but also emphasizes the strength and resilience of its female protagonist. Through the vibrant storytelling, Ik Kudi Punjab Di serves as a celebration of womanhood in a traditional yet progressive setting, making it a must-watch for those seeking a blend of cultural authenticity and empowering narratives.

  1. Meet

Meet takes a contemporary approach to women-centric storytelling, focusing on the life of a modern, independent woman. The series explores the complexities of relationships, career aspirations, and societal expectations as the protagonist navigates through her life journey. Meet resonates with the challenges faced by women in the present day, addressing issues with a mix of drama, emotions, and humor. The show’s relatable storyline and dynamic characters make it a compelling watch for those who appreciate narratives reflecting the evolving roles of women in society.

  1. Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal delves into historical drama, offering viewers a glimpse into the life of Kashibai, the wife of the legendary Maratha warrior, Bajirao. The TV shows unfold the historical saga with attention to detail, bringing to life the cultural and political intricacies of that era. Focused on the resilience and strength of Kashibai, the show provides a nuanced portrayal of a woman navigating the challenges of a royal court. Kashibai Bajirao Ballal not only captivates history enthusiasts but also engages viewers with its powerful depiction of a woman’s journey in a bygone era.

  1. Aap Ke Ajanese

Aap Ke Ajanese weaves a tale of love, sacrifice, and determination, placing a strong female lead at the heart of the narrative. The show tells a unique love story of a 42-year-old middle-class, conservative single mother, Vedika and a 24-year-old young man Sahil. With its emotive storytelling and engaging plot twists, Aap Ke Ajanese proves that age is just a number. The TV show is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a story with a strong female character.

  1. Razia Sultan

Razia Sultan takes audiences back in time to the 13th century, unraveling the historical saga of Razia, the first female Sultan of Delhi. The series navigates through the challenges faced by Razia as she ascends to the throne, breaking societal norms and proving her mettle as a capable ruler. The historical epic not only offers a glimpse into the political landscape of medieval India but also highlights the courage and leadership of a woman in a male-dominated realm. Razia Sultan remains a compelling choice for those seeking historical tales with a focus on strong and inspirational female protagonists.

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