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Hello Sunshine! The best outdoor event to head to in Melbourne this summer

Before we answer why Hello Sunshine is a memorable food truck festival to attend in Melbourne. For a moment, let’s analyse why we attend summer festivals in the first place. What is it that makes the summer festival such a big hit?

You stand in the middle of a crowd with a stage in front of you. You are one of many, but you are also part of something much greater. A perfect harmony of music, people, and food. The feeling that you are a part of something bigger may seem limited to a specific cluster or festival. Scientists have now discovered a lingering effect of group feelings long after the festival is over.

Music and Food

Every summer, Australia hosts a fantastic festival scene all across the country. It is not uncommon for people to travel far and wide to support their favourite national and international solo artists/bands. Moreover, you get to share this musical experience with people who have similar tastes. Something about witnessing live music events that get the crowd going, and we are all up for it.

In terms of food, there’s something for every taste bud at these events, from fresh, delicious raw produce to scrumptious sweets and desserts to international cuisine. For any food lovers out there, a lovely line-up of delicious cuisines, sweet to savoury, is enough reason to attend summer festivals. Who can blame them?

Restore faith in humanity

One study asked 1200 participants about their experiences at music festivals, their willingness to share resources, and their empathy and solidarity toward their friends and strangers.

Sixty-three percent of participants reported that the festival transformed their lives. They felt so deeply changed that they felt more connected to others and changed radically. As the festival days passed, participants’ generosity increased, whether with family, friends, or strangers.

During and six months after the festival, researchers from Yale University studied people’s experiences and social behaviours. A large majority of festival goers reported having “transformative experiences” not only during but also in the aftermath of the event. It is through transformative experiences that people change for the better.

The study published in the scientific journal Nature Communications further found that festival-goers felt more connected to humanity and more willing to help strangers after attending the event.

Rewarding experience

The researchers contacted the participants again after six months. Consequently, their positive, constructive, helpful, and transformative experiences and prosocial behaviour endured.

It is common for us to be wary of socializing with strangers. Hopefully, something is hopefully happening onstage at a festival that has our attention, making it easy to socialize. You suddenly have something in common just by standing next to one another. The events transpiring onstage brought you together. There is something magical about the festival experience and the ability to connect with other people. Afterward, you may feel that it was rewarding and that you would like to repeat the experience in the future. This reason alone makes any summer event a hit with people.

Restore your faith in humanity this summer at Hello Sunshine.

As we learned above, summer events are more than just mere gatherings. Often overlooked in our hectic lives, this is an experience that can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Hello Sunshine is a unique summer event geared toward families. The Caribbean Garden event offers live music, amusement park rides, stalls, and food accompanied by international delicacies. Hello Sunshine capitalises on the scenic, vast space of Caribbean Gardens in Scoresby to bring you Melbourne’s next biggest summer food and music festival. There is something for everyone at this event!

World-class live music experience: With a diverse line-up of artists from all over the country, HELLO SUNSHINE aims to provide an unforgettable concert experience for audiences of all ages. Talents like Amy Shark, The Cat Empire, 360, Pierce Brothers, Cadence, and more, will create an unforgettable experience onstage.

Multi-cultural food phenomenon: A perfect attraction for every foodie, food trucks from across Victoria are coming together in one place. With tacos, spicy curry, fried chicken, and vegan, gluten-free options, Hello Sunshine offers all-inclusive food options. Hello Sunshine also has beverage stalls so that you can enjoy your delicious cuisine with wine, music, and lovely people all around you.

Market stalls: Several pop-up market stalls sell unique products at the summer event. Get more information on how you can get your market stalls involved in the festival from Hello Sunshine.

Amusements: Whether you are looking for a summer thrill for the entire family or just a quick escape from the crowds, Hello Sunshine has it all. Embrace your inner kid on these adventure rides at the foothills of Dandenong. Amusement park in Melbourne for you and your whole family.

Hello Sunshine is a perfect harmony of music, people, great food, and lots of entertainment in the truest sense of the word. You can easily book your tickets for this upcoming summer event. If you need any more information on the summer event, please check Hello Sunshine’s event page.

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