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What Do Music Lawyers Like John Branca Attorney Do, And Why Artists Need Them

As a singer, producer, or songwriter, you might be wondering whether you need a lawyer for your career. The truth is, you need one. You may not understand the legal aspects of your career, but your lawyer will help you do so. This will enable you to focus on your music as your lawyer professionally takes care of the legal affairs. You only need to get an experienced and dedicated lawyer. Let us delve into how lawyers help musicians in their careers.

Understanding Their Intellectual Properties

Many people associate intellectual properties with the corporate world, but they are also important in the entertainment sector. Piracy in the music industry is common, but you can avoid it when you have a good legal advisor. Intellectual property allows you to get compensated after creating something like a song. That’s why as a musician, you need to understand how this works. This is not easy and can get very complicated. You don’t need to struggle to understand the ins and outs of intellectual property when you have a good lawyer.

Setting Management Contracts

After becoming an established musician, you will be approached by different management companies offering to work with you. You need to get a good manager who will help you take your career to a higher level and not give you a hard time. When signing a management contract, you need a lawyer to help you get everything right and provide legal advice. A good attorney of stars will ensure your interests are well-protected. They will also set limits on what the manager should or should not do and advise you on how to pay them.

Negotiating Contracts

Negotiating contracts is not easy. Whether a contract is written or not, it’s good to have legal advice to avoid getting yourself into bad situations after realizing your interests are not catered for much later. Sometimes, contracts may contain a lot of jargon that you might find hard to understand. With a good lawyer, you can always be assured that they will negotiate every aspect of a contract on your behalf and that your interests will be considered. Lawyers’ agreements are also binding, and the chances of another party moving out of the contract are rare.

Protecting Their Brands

As an artist, how can you make sure no one else uses your name? If someone did, which action would you take? An attorney will advise you on how to protect your brand by helping you register your trademark or any other action to protect your name. Music lawyers are highly knowledgeable since they are required to attend school to be allowed to provide their services. Music law is also a unique law discipline that the attorneys solely focus on. You can always depend on them to keep you out of trouble.

Representing Them in Court

Everyone is prone to making mistakes. Your music lawyer will represent you if you are sued by someone else. They will also help you sue someone else who has infringed your rights and fight for the best outcome. You will not have to go looking for another lawyer when you already have one for your career.

Even if music is your passion, you should also see it as a business and treat it as such. Since music is ever-evolving, you need a reliable attorney who will guide you through the ever-evolving dynamics and see your career develop. Being a successful musician requires more than creating hit song after hit song. Before getting a lawyer, do your research on their experience and see which musicians they have worked with before and their success rates.


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